About Brant & Motivalue

It’s me, Brant Reader, just gazing into the atmosphere pondering something

deep and insightful. 

How do I go about this?

Should I write in first or third-person? I heard it’s best practice to use third-person for your ‘About Me’ page but I don’t know, that just seems a little weird. Whatever, I’m just going to do this thing the old-fashioned way.

Hey guys! I’m the random dude above staring off into space who happens to run this website. You’re here, so you must be somewhat interested in who I am and what I have to say. Well lucky you, because I’m going to tell you a little about myself, this website, and some of the things I like to dabble into on these here interwebs.

What is Motivalue all about?

Motivalue is my hub.

It’s my personal website. This is where I share my current projects and the things I’m working on that help me make money on the internet. My hope is that my experiences can help you make money on the internet too. When I meet someone at a coffee shop and give them one of my super-kewl business cards, this website is what’s listed.

Pat Flynn has SmartPassiveIncome.com. Tim Ferriss has Tim.blog. And I have Motivalue.

Comparing myself to two online business moguls? Yup, that just happened. It was a bad example, I know, but you get the idea. This is the place where I write about and share the things I’m interested in. Predominantly, it’s online business and entrepreneurial stuff, but every now and then I sprinkle in other goodies as well.

What’s the goal for this website?

Other than being a place to write about what interests me, I hope the experiences I share will motivate you to create value in your life and business. Boom, Motivalue. See what I did there?

Who am I and what have I done?

My name is Brant Reader.

I started a website in 2015 (that I haven’t yet revealed the name of except to some of my close friends and family) and about a year later, it actually started to make pretty decent money. Said website is the main focus of my business today and continues to build and grow each month.

I run a handful of other niche/authority websites as well. And I sell stuff on eBay.

Congratulations! You now know the constructs of my online business.

It doesn’t sound like much. To be honest, it’s really not. But collectively, each one of these small income streams adds up to a monthly total that’s large enough to where I am no longer required to work a conventional job. And that’s what it’s all about. 

Personal Background

I work as a Registered Respiratory Therapist by night and an entrepreneur by day. I choose to work nights because, among other reasons, there’s usually more downtime on night-shifts as opposed to day-shifts. So that means I get to work on non-work related work while at work (this is allowed so I’m not breaking any rules). And fortunately, thanks to the income generated from my business, I only work three nights out of every fourteen days, which is the minimum requirement at my hospital.

I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2013 with a degree in Exercise Science. Hotty Toddy. And I care entirely too much about the outcome of sporting events concerning Ole Miss. I’m aware of this problem and I’m actively working to correct it each year. 

I frequent the gym six days per week, every week, so I guess my degree wasn’t a (complete) waste. People often ask me, “When did you start taking fitness so serious?” And my answer is, “Never.” Yes, I do workout every day but you won’t see my posting mirror selfies or progress pictures to my Instagram account. I simply exercise because it’s healthy for your body and mind and I like the way it makes me feel. 

My wife will soon be an optometrist. She supports my crazy ideas and tolerates the entrepreneurial monster that lives within me. 

I set big goals.
I’m remarkably blessed and grateful to be in the position I’m in.

Thank you!

I’m so grateful that you’re here. If you like what I’m doing and want to keep in touch, you can sign up for my newsletter. I solemnly swear not to send you any spam or nonsense. Just helpful lessons and stories every once in a while.

And when you’re ready to get started on your own journey, check out my favorite tools and resources that I use to run my online business that I think will be helpful to you as well.

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